Run your own SimpleHelp Server on UCVhost VPS

SimpleHelp is remote desktop software which enables users to connect to any desktop/server . It can be hosted on windows vps plan for as low as $9.99 per month .

Both the user and the client can access it via a web browser to access SimpleHelp web server

Once connected the end user see a disclaimer and waits for the technician to activate there support session via simple help web server , technicians can view customers in a queue . this way the technician can support multiple clients

once connected the tech has ability to use the remote users computer , chat with him , transfer files

it can also be configured to be used in unattended mode whereby the technicians can view all the available clients and do schedules supports.

the software is secure and does not contain any spyware , it earned Tucows rating of 5 cow, it also features 448-bit encryption and support all windows versions , mac os, linux

so go ahead set up your own Desktop support webserver

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