Knowing More About VPS

If you want to know what a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is, it would be helpful to know the difference between dedicated server and shared server technology.

In case of a shared server technology, several clients are placed on a lone machine and server shares its resources between all these clients. So, if you are a client who uses shared server technology, you will be sharing memory allocations, space on hard drive and CPU usage along with all other clients put by the hosting company on that particular machine. It often happens in these scenarios that a client consumes such an amount of resources that the work of other clients sharing the same machine slows down. Shared server technology does not allow accessibility of the web server to its clients. Rather, the clients can perform their administrative tasks by accessing the control panel. Usually, shared servers won’t cost you a fortune and you can get one at almost $3 a month.

On the other hand, a dedicated server technology gives one full computer to a lone client. As a client, you will be able to get every single resource offered by the system without sharing the same with others. In this case, root access is generally given via SSH (secure shell) so that the client gets full and total charge of controlling the system by means of command line. As compared to shared servers, the cost of dedicated servers is more and you can procure one by paying $100 or more per month.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers some features of both dedicated servers and shared servers. When a client opts for a (VPS), he/she gets a separate operating system and individual resources. Though several clients are placed on a solitary computer system, VPS ensures that they don’t need to share their resources. Instead, VPS offers resources that are separate for every client. VPS hosting companies usually make the resources available on a quota. So, if the quota is of 512Mbs of RAM, each client will get the same with guarantee. However, if a client needs excess resources, the same can be arranged.

Apart from enjoying guaranteed resources, clients on a VPS also get absolute control over the space allotted to them on the system. So, a client will have the power to manage his/her own operating system, applications and files. This makes a VPS an enviable option as clients can set up software of their own and get them configured in accordance to their requirements. As one client is placed on a lone computer in VPS system, the facilities come at a lower price as compared to dedicated servers. However, the cost of VPS hosting varies a lot. So, while you may get one at $15 a month, sometimes you may also come across VPS hosting services that need you to shell out an amount of $100 each month.

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