Blog Hosting – Free VS Paid

Do you know that today, success for small business entrepreneurs is largely determined by the success of his company’s Blog. Blog is a great communication platform between readers and the author, and it gives more reliability for the website. Moreover, from the search engine point of view, the Blog is more attractive to them than the website due to rich content or written material.

So, are you interested in taking Blog hosting service for your business? There are many such services available today, all you have to do is to find the right package as per your requirements. There are mainly two options –

• Free Blog hosting, and
• Paid Blog hosting.

Now these days a lot of free Blog hosting services are available but they work for individual online journals. Paid Blog Hosting Services offer numerous packages suiting company’s personal needs. Free blogs display advertisements targeted at their readership and receive an income from pay-per-view and click-through models. Free Blog hosts also have some restrictions on the content that they allow. Usually they don’t permit blogs with pornography, excessive violence or content that infringes upon the copyright of someone else.

Now we take a look as to how Paid service is different from a Free service.

• Paid hosting is best if you take seriously about your Blog importance. Blog – hosting is not different than standard web hosting. It all works in the same way with just some files and a database. So once you have some web space and a MySQL database you can set up your own Blog. It is very important indeed that you know which Blog host provider you should choose that would be just right for your needs.

• Paid service provides a customized solution for your needs as compared to a free service.

• It gives you an option to have a domain name as per your requirement. But in free hosting it gives sub-domain name including their domain.

• Also you have option to choose publishing platform in paid hosting and customary tools according to your requirements.

Keep the above issues in your mind before your starting, you can make your Blog space become your real estate. If you possess an online business with few traffic and customers, why not try to start this hosting and set up a Blog right now.

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